What a ServiceNow CMA does 

GuideVision Principal ServiceNow Consultant Jan Procházka is a Certified Master Architect, the top certification in ServiceNow. In a conversation for the GuideVision Insider podcast, Jan talks about what an architect does.

Playing with legos 

A ServiceNow architect gets to assemble a solution from various components based on an understanding of the customer's situation and needs.

Understanding business

In his work, while technology is important, an understanding of business and process is essential, as is the ability to effectively communicate with decision makers.

How CSDM can help

Jan is a big advocate of the Common Service Data Model, a way of organizing a ServiceNow instance according to business goals and priorities. He's written a new article on the GuideVision website to help companies write business cases for implementing CSDM as a way to help them become more effective.

How to become a CMA

Jan says the process of becoming a ServiceNow Certified Master Architect, which took more than 6 months, was intensive but very rewarding. He continues to benefit from membership in the program, both in regular contact with fellow CMAs but also in the program's emphasis on giving back to the community.

The GuideVision Insider podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, and you can watch a video version on YouTube and the GuideVision website (

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